Easily manage your shop purchase, sell, inventory record, accounting & reports UY POS®


Master Setup / Configuration
  • Company Setup (Onetime)
  • Branch Setup (Onetime)
Product Management
  • UOM
  • Size
  • Color
  • Tax Category
  • Product Category
  • Product Sub Category
  • Configure Product / Products Entry
Sales Management
  • Product Sales Price Setup
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Return
  • Sales Invoice using Barcode Scanner Machine
  • Payments receive in deferent ways like cash & card.
Accounts Management
  • Expense posting
  • Total Expense
  • Total Profit
  • Total Income
  • Total purchase
  • Total Sales
  • Stock Report
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Report
  • Issue Order Information
  • Export Report to Excel, CSV & PDF
  • Total Expense
  • Total Profit
  • Total Income
  • Total Purchase
  • Stock Transfer Report
  • Staff Attendance
User Management
  • User Group
  • User Group Privilege/Permission
  • Create User
Purchase Management
  • Product Purchase from supplier through purchase order
  • Issue Purchase invoice
  • Purchase Return
  • Stock Transfer (Branch to Branch)
  • Direct Purchase option without purchase order
Staff Attendance Management
  • Employee Daily Attendance Entry
  • Employee Daily Attendance Exit
Stock Transfer
  • Stock Transfer (Branch to Branch)
Customer Management
  • Create Customer Group
  • Create Customer Discount
  • Create Customer
Supplier Management
  • Create Supplier Group
  • Create Supplier
Database Security Management
  • Manually backup procedure user defined
  • Show alert of lower Stock, Highest sales product, Sales info etc
  • Barcode Generator (Product wise)
  • Device Integration (Barcode Scanner, POS Printer, Card Reader)

UY POS software makes it easy to sell to your customers, manage multiple branch, easy to navigate, compatible with POS printer and barcode scanners, helping save time, rising up sales and preventing cashier errors, whether you use our responsive web based POS on PC or Mac or other devices. Use this UY POS software to store products information and speed up the sell process for your customers. Use this UY POS software easily manage products barcode print for multiple branch, supplier information, customer information, purchase, product transfer from one branch to another branch, manage product sale price & discount price, manage software user permission and employee daily attendance.

The UY POS is developed for:

  1. Retail shop
  2. Super shop
  3. Pharmacy shop
  4. Electronics & computer shop
  5. Other shop (Fashion boutiques, Sports, Car/Bike shop, Mobile shop)

By online registration you can view our software demo. Place your requirement, we will contact with you.

Contact us by phone (+8801755607306), by email (sales@uysys.com), or by skype (uysystem) or on our website (www.uysys.com).

Leave it all to us and we’ll make sure that everything is organized perfectly. We will arrang a meeting with you for details discussion about your requirements. If you have a specific query regarding this project or system then mail to us.

Simply fill in the form at below and we’ll get back to you with availability also any problems using the website or general questions and feedback about the project or system 'UY POS Managment Software (UYPOS)', please contact : sales@uysys.com

Product license will differ for multiple company or branch. Our financial price is for single license if you want multiple company or branch then financial amount will double or negotiable.

We will maintain and provide support to the software free of cost for 30 (thirty) days from the day of handover. After free support should be made for regular maintenance & support charge of the software, which will be as below :

  • Monthly charge of BDT 2,000/- ( Two Thousand Taka Only ) for Single license excluding VAT & AIT, as applicable.
Note: Customized Hourly Rate: BDT 2000 for additional customization and modification.

More than 120 user use uy pos

150 Downloader
122 User
200 Meeting
160 Presentation


Pricing table

Regular Package

  • Master Setup
  • User Management (single)
  • Supplier Management
  • Product Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Sales Management
  • Reports
  • Others
  • Master Setup
  • User Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Sales Management
  • Stock Transfer
  • Reports
  • Others

Business Package

  • Master Setup
  • User Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Sales Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Stock Transfer
  • Staff Attendance Management
  • Database Security Management
  • Reports
  • Others



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