UY HRMS®a comprehensive, user-friendly, secured & cost effective HR & Payroll solution for all small, medium & large size of businesses


Master Setup
  • Group of Company Setup
  • Company Setup (Single)
  • Multiple Branch Setup (Company wise)
  • Department Setup (Company and Branch wise)
  • Sub Department Setup (Company and Branch wise)
  • Designation Setup (Company wise)
  • User Privilege Setup (Company, Branch and Module wise)
  • Company Bank and Branch Setup
  • Systems settings (ex .Leave, Attendance, Payroll process configuration)
EMS (Employee Management Service)
  • Employee setup (Personal info, Employment, Qualification, Experiences & Family info.)
  • Employee Policy Mapping (Shift, Leave Policy , Absent Policy, Late Policy, Overtime policy, Gratuity Policy, PF Policy and Salary Structure )
  • Employee Promotion/increment/Demotion/Transfer
  • Employee correction handling
  • Employee change all policies
  • ESS(Employee Self Service) User mapping
  • Manage Employee History
  • Employee Termination/Resign/Retirement Process
  • Employee Final settlement
Dynamic Pilocy Management
  • Multiple Salary Structure Based on Basic or Gross Salary
  • Multiple Shift Management
  • Employee Auto Roastering
  • Dynamic Attendance Policy
  • Dynamic Leave Policy
  • Dynamic Overtime Policy
Attendance Management
  • Shift Configuration (Punch Start Time, Start Time, End Time, Late Allow(Min.), Max Late Allow(Min.), Grace Time)
  • Holiday Calendar Settings (Weekday, Week off and Govt. Holiday)
  • Automatic Roastering process
  • Change/Shifting Employee Roastering
  • Absent policy configure
  • Late policy configure
  • Overtime Policy configure
  • Custom Holiday Calendar (Weekday, Week off and Govt. Holiday)
  • Daily Attendance Process
  • Monthly Attendance Process
  • Missing Attendance Entry
  • Monthly Attendance summary (pay periodic)
Leave Management
  • leave type setup
  • Leave Category setup (Leave type wise)
  • Leave approval Process Level(Fixed or Unlimited tiring)
  • Leave approval history
  • Leave balance
  • Leave carry forward
  • Leave encashment
  • Earn leave process
  • Salary Head (Allowance, Deduction, Adjustment)
  • Salary Structure (Based on Gross/Basic/Fixed)
  • PF Policy
  • Gratuity Policy
  • Pay Period (Month wise)
  • Non Recurring Salary head (Monthly Additional Salary allowance or deduction )
  • Income tax Deduction as per Govt. Rules (Company specific static)
  • Salary Draft process
  • Arrears salary process
  • Alter salary process
  • Salary Final process
  • Festival Bonus Process
  • Incentive Bonus Process
ESS (Employee Self Service) Portal
  • Daily attendance (Check in/Check out)
  • Attendance Report
  • Leave application
  • Leave report
  • Pay slip
  • PF Report
  • Income Tax Report
  • Salary Top sheet
  • Draft Salary sheet Report (watermark)
  • Final Salary sheet (Company wise)
  • Bank sheet (Bank wise, Cash)
  • Monthly Pay slip
  • Bank advice letter
  • Bonus Sheet
  • Income Tax Certificate (Employee Wise)
  • Income Tax Detail Report (Employee Wise)
  • PF Report (Employee Wise)
  • PF Detail reports (Employee Wise)
  • Employee List Report (By branch, department, designation, sex, Shift, etc.)
  • Employee Family Report
  • Employee Probation list report
  • Employee Confirmation List Report
  • Employee Confirmation Summary Report
  • Employee Promotion List Report
  • Employee Promotion Summary Report
  • Employee Non Promotional List Report
  • Employee Increment List Report
  • Employee Increment Summary Report
  • Employee Non Increment List Report
  • Attendance Daily Report
  • Attendance summary report
  • Employee Leave Report (Date range with status like pending, approve, cancel)
  • OT details report
  • Any Customize reports (as per client requirement)*
Software Backup system
  • Manual backup procedure user defined
  • Automatic backup procedure as you wants by daily, monthly, yearly.
Graphical Dashboard
  • Salary
  • Compensation Chart
  • Attendance (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) Chart
  • Leave Chart
  • Payroll Chart
  • Other Customized Graphical Report
Performance Management
  • Increment
  • Promotion
  • Transfer
  • Probition Period

UY HRMS offers flexible and easy to manage your HR solution for all small, medium and large size of companies with multi branches. UY HRMS providing all HR solutions such as employee information management, employee self service, leave management, time & attendance management, benefits and recruitment policy, PF management, roasting & shifting management are able to manage the employees of organization. The combination of these modules into one application assures the perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with the organizational goals. You can use this software any where & any devices from home & abroad. This is very secured system, error free report, cost effective and user-friendly environment.

By online registration you can view our software demo. Place your requirement, we will contact with you.

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Leave it all to us and we’ll make sure that everything is organized perfectly. We will arrang a meeting with you for details discussion about your requirements. If you have a specific query regarding this project or system then mail to us.

Simply fill in the form at below and we’ll get back to you with availability also any problems using the website or general questions and feedback about the project or system 'UY Human Resource Managment Software (UY HRMS)', please contact :

Product license will differ for multiple company or branch. Our financial price is for single license if you want multiple company or branch then financial amount will double or negotiable.

We will maintain and provide support to the software free of cost for 30 (thirty) days from the day of handover. After free support should be made for regular maintenance & support charge of the software, which will be as below :

  • Monthly charge of BDT 5,000/- ( Five Thousand Taka Only ) for Single license excluding VAT & AIT, as applicable.
Note: Customized Hourly Rate: BDT 2000 for additional customization and modification.

More than 90 user use uy HRMS

110 Downloader
92 User
115 Meeting
105 Presentation



Regular Package

  • Master Setup
  • EMS (Employee Management Service)
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll
  • ESS Portal
  • Reports
  • Master Setup
  • EMS (Employee Management Service)
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll
  • ESS Portal
  • Reports
  • Leave management

Business Package

  • Master Setup
  • EMS (Employee Management Service)
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll
  • ESS Portal
  • Reports
  • Leave management
  • Dynamic Pilocy Management
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Performance Management



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